Who We Are
Why We Are Different

We help CEOs accelerate success.

We avoid cookie cutters because the barriers to growth are different for every company. But like a good mechanic we use experience and proven diagnostic tools to identify problem areas. We engage management in a creative search for solutions – and a commitment to action. And we develop teams that are better equipped for future challenges.


We engage in three ways:

Strategy Workshops. A process to help executive teams resolve critical issues.
Advisory Services. Business problem solving and implementation.
Executive Development. CEO coaching and executive education.

Strategy Workshops

Often the growth challenge is a company’s ability to resolve a handful of stubborn but critical issues such as:

Market focus
Channel strategy
New products and services
Profitability versus investment in growth

We help executive teams ‘break the back’ of these issues using a four phase approach:

Phase I: Identification of Issues: We meet with executives, board members and business partners to isolate the two or three most critical issues facing the company.

Phase II: Analysis of Options: For each issue we identify strategic options and draw on market, operating and financial data to analyze the pros and cons of each option. This information is organized in an executive briefing package.

Phase III: Strategy Workshop: We design and manage an executive offsite to evaluate strategic options and recommend a course of action to the CEO.

Phase IV: Execution Follow-up: We hold follow up sessions to track progress, identify implementation issues and adjust execution plans.

An important benefit of these Workshops is an executive team that is better educated on the business and more synchronized in execution.

Advisory Services

Through our CEO advisory services we tackle specific business issues, develop practical recommendations, and assist in implementation:

Positioning: We help companies position for category leadership – aligning their unique value propositions with the most attractive market opportunities. Because positioning is the foundation of a market-driven business strategy, our process involves intensive analysis, creativity, market testing, and executive team participation.

Business Model Design: Business model innovation has become a new source of competitive advantage. We help growth companies explore disruptive approaches to customer acquisition, revenue models, partnerships and other business model elements. Our goal is a predictable, profitable and ‘lean’ business model that can also guide investment decisions.

Go-To-Market Tactics: If positioning defines where to go, go-to-market tactics define how to get there: demand creation, pipeline management, sales support, and channel partnerships. We help companies connect these tactics to the business model, and create pipeline metrics to track results and achieve predictability.

Team: Leadership teams need to grow with their businesses. However, a successful company can outgrow the processes and team members responsible for its earlier successes. We help CEO’s identify gaps in organizational capabilities, improve cross-functional problem solving and strengthen their executive teams.

Exit Strategy: Successful exits require more than an attractive business. The ‘best’ companies don’t always realize the best valuations. Company leaders need to identify, educate and partner with potential strategic acquirers well in advance of an exit. We help companies create “Marketing for M&A” programs to achieve these objectives.

Executive Development

Executive development is at the core of our work. We have a deep expertise in team problem solving processes and executive education. Our goal is to improve the capabilities of the management team in every engagement.

We also coach CEOs and their high potential executives. And we design and deliver customized executive education programs to build fundamental skills in areas such as growth strategy, business model innovation, market development and value creation.


Dave helped our leadership team define the next wave of growth for Vibes Media. He's been tremendous in helping us step back to understand what makes our business successful.

Alex Campbell
CEO, Vibes Media

The Power Strategy Workshop
was truly transformative for
Black Duck Software.
Management and the board
emerged with complete alignment around an ambitious strategy shaped by the firm’s analytic work, strategic framework and extraordinarily well-run process.

Tim Yeaton
CEO, Black Duck Software

Power Strategy helped us focus on the right growth opportunity - from 3 year vision to quarterly action items.

Omar Hussain
CEO, Imprivata