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Why We Are Different

Power Strategy is an advisor to growth company CEOs. We understand the strategic, operational and organizational challenges for midsize businesses targeting the next stage of growth. Our mission is to address these challenges through innovation, alignment and execution.

Growth Strategy.
The one constant for growth companies is the need to find new opportunities through market expansion, development of new products and services, business model innovation and acquisition. The issue becomes critical when the current business model matures and the company must bet on a new S curve.

Superior market insight is a critical ingredient in any growth strategy -- and often the most neglected. Enormous amounts of entrepreneurial effort and capital are wasted on technology-in-search-of-a-market. Too many companies bet on a “nice-to-have” solution without understanding who their customer is and what business problem they can solve.

But the most critical ingredient is focus. Management teams companies hedge their bets by dabbling in too many growth initiatives, and fail to focus their resources on one strategy that allows them to play to win.

Like a high performance car, a growth company can get out of alignment. Successful companies outgrow the business model, processes and teams that led to their earlier successes. Just when sales forecasting becomes predictable the product management process begins to break down. Only when functional teams are balanced and company leaders are synchronized by a common understanding of business priorities can the business fire on all cylinders.

Execution. Even with clear direction and alignment, operating teams need a reliable process for tracking progress and making adjustments. Successful growth companies create a culture of accountability based on written commitments and a ‘rhythm’ of daily, monthly and quarterly team meetings.

Unfortunately, the skills required to bridge the gap between market opportunity and value creation are in short supply. Power Strategy helps bridge this gap by offering:

Experience. Strategic, operational and organizational insights based on the leadership experiences of founder Dave Power.

A Focus on Growth Challenges. Innovative problem-solving approaches that deliver results for growth companies.

A Team Approach. A team-oriented approach that draws on company talent, aligns executives and develops problem solving skills.


Dave has been a trusted advisor to me personally and to Sun Microsystems from its earliest days. Character matters and Dave has it.

Scott McNealy
Co-founder and former CEO
Sun Microsystems

Dave sees through the noise and brings laser-like clarity to tough business problems. He combines unique marketing and technology experience with analytical rigor. A 'Power strategy' can be supported from 360 degrees.

Andre Durand
CEO, Ping Identity